About Us

About The Founder

Lynn Geiser (Tank)

Served Army 1993 – 2004

Her passion and dedication to veterans and their families leads to her history of challenges that she faced after she left the military. She faced homelessness, unemployment, lack of resources, support and peer help but her dedication working with military families, helping with Employment needs has gained the ability to feel that she is strong and important to be able to tell her recovery story. She still needs the tools to conquer her goals and the assistance from other military women to make HOPE4VETS the opportunity for other Military Women to find their purpose/dream.

With the help of our community, Military Women and their families we try to give HOPE back.

Our Goals

We provide military women (women veterans & women spouse) with career readiness/employment, referral, and financial services. We empower military women by bringing them together with projects and events to build confidence and help women whom struggle. (Homelessness, single parent, death of a loved one, unemployment, suicide concerns). We educate the community about women issues and how to bring positive change/culture. We create inspirational baskets for women whom struggle by providing resources, inspirational quotes, gifts made from other military women to help them feel comfortable to reach out. We provide financial and employment assistance (Additional assistance such as: Child Care Grants, Transportation Grants and Basic Needs)