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Hope 4 Veterans Giving Hope To Our Military Women Gives Hope To Our Families

Our Mission

Hope4Veterans is a program that empowers and provides HOPE to Military Women by providing resources, peer to peer support, and Art/Holistic groups to work on their struggles within their community. Hope4Veterans helps educate and make awareness of the military women struggles. Hope4Veterans helps to educate, bring independence and stability for their families to help them become self-sufficient once again. Military Women are brought together with a purpose to provide resources to make sure that our women gain the assistance and advocacy they need and have earned.

1) Hope 4 Sisters Battle Buddy

2) Medical Claims Assistance

3) Art/Holistic resources

4) Free Laptops

5) Inspirational Baskets

6) Women’s Day

7) Service Dog Education

Military Women

Hope4veteran’s goal is to assist Military Women with recieving the benefits they deserve. This includes medical claims assistance, providing advocacy from another sister with similar experience and understanding of the VA System. Hope4Veterans navigates sister volunteers within the sister in need’s community area to attend their medical appointment including Compensation and Pension (C&P) exams. Hope4veterans has recognized that sisters struggle on a daily basis with mental and physical disabilities. Events like attending a C&P exam or filing a medical claims can cause more anxiety and triggers from past trauma and there can be an obstacles like getting the medical needs met from the VA System. Hope4veterans is working on collaborating with other nonprofit women groups throughout Florida, Women Claims Representatives, and Women Coordinators with the State of Florida including DAV, American Legion and WDVA.

Hope4veterans realizes that with the complex medical and physical disabilities that can’t be resolved with the current resources of the VA system. We work with another organization (Disabled American Veterans – DAV) to submit a resolution which can get to Congress to pass laws to change the VA System. Examples of laws that changed the VA system include going out of the system for maternity services, fertility services, and holistic therapies like accupuncture.

Hope4Veterans has assisted military women with medical claims and MST claims. We assist and help advocate with our women volunteers to attend medical appointments, assist with medical claims, art and storytelling to be able for a military women to tell their unique story to allow healing and recovery.

Many tmes we see the assistance needed for medical claims, medical appointment and providing an outlet or group that will connect them to community and help them heal with art, storytelling, photography projects and connecting them with other women that understand and hear the story.

Hope4Veterans provides women with a safe, secure environment and an opportunity to connect with other women for the resources they deserve.

Example: Hope4Veterans usually will help Military Women with Filing a Medical Claim and within 30 days we usually see a request for a C&P Exam. After the request for C&P Exams the sister may be feeling anxious and of not knowing what to expect, they will reach out to Hope4Veterans for a local Sister in her area or in the area the C&P Exam is being requested. The Sister will meet the woman with the medical appointment prior to the appointment time to help reduce anxiety by providing confidence and HOPE before the C&P Exam. After the C&P Exam the sister will provide any other assistance or resources that may help assist the woman requesting the services. Hope4Veterans is providing women with a safe, secure environment and an opportunity to connect to other women and the resources they deserve.

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